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Discover Egypt like never before! Imagine diving deep into the heart of its nature and culture, uncovering hidden corners and unique vistas only known to the natives. Your adventure awaits, promising unforgettable moments and mesmerizing memories.

Meet Mr. Abdulnaby Helmy, the visionary Founder and Chairman, who, alongside his partners, brings over thirty years of travel expertise in Egypt and beyond. Having witnessed the rapid evolution of the travel industry, they recognized a significant gap: while small suppliers worldwide now showcase their services online, Egypt, with its rich culture and unique charm, still needs a comprehensive, all-in-one travel solution.

Enter our extensive network of handpicked local suppliers, the finest in every region. Our vast library provides travelers with everything they need—and more—ensuring they experience Egypt in all its glory. From ancient wonders to modern marvels, Mr. Helmy and his team have curated every detail, so you see Egypt as it truly should be seen.

Embark on this journey with us and discover the Egypt you’ve always dreamed of, brought to life by those who know it best.



We are a licensed travel agency since 2009. A team of travel experts owns 30 years of experience in travel business. We handle all packaged as well as tailor-made tours around Egypt. We handle regular groups, incentive and fam. trips, convention, and VIP travelers both tourists and governmental delegations. our professional hands reach everywhere in Egypt.

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